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May 20, 2008


Director:Rick Larkin

Writer:Rick Larkin (writer)

Plot Summary:This fast paced tale tells the story of the only surviving victim of a serial rapist/murderer, Natalie Encore (Sophie Winkleman)… more
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Cast (Credited cast)
 Gail Brady …  Alison Bradley

 Patrick Clarke …  Shane Franks
 Alexina Davidson …  Jenny Connolly
 Nick Hardin …  The Superintendent
 Laila Hill …  Rachel Bradley
 Amy Huberman …  Nicole Lawlor
 Rachel Kavanagh …  Amy Lucas
 Emmet Kirwan …  James Lucas
 Andy Moore …  Daniel Chadwick

 Emmet Scanlan …  Matt Connolly

 Amy Shiels …  Laura Cooper

 Niamh Tiernan …  Anna Collins

 Sophie Winkleman …  Natalie Encore

cd 1 tam ekran

cd 2 tam ekran


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